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My Workouts

Friday March 2nd

My morning running buds were no shows this morning for the scheduled six mile but it worked out as I had to sit with sick grand daughter this morning. Still managed an easy 4.
Kept HR in low 80% range but still managed a decent pace.

MIle Splits:
Mile 1 - 9:56
MIle 2 - 10:12
Mile 3 - 10:25
Mile 4 - 10:18

Total Distance: 4.12 Miles; Time 42:05; Pace (10:13); Average HR 147 (83.1%)

Wednesday February 29th

1/2/1 Tempo Run with the "Orange Hat Running Club". The guys in my new MWF running group were kind enough to do my scheduled 2 mile tempo run with me. I felt we could sandwich 2 10 minute miles with a 1 mile warmup and 1.5 mile cool down. We concluded the warmup by hitting the mile mark at 10:14 which I thought was just about perfect. Didn't monitor the speed for the tempo run, just ran at a pace the felt a tad slower than 5k pace. When my running partner Warren who is an experienced runner and the local high school track coach asked me what pace I wanted to run and I told him about 10:00 per mile, he felt we were going a little bit faster than that. He was right, we logged the 2nd mile in at 9:42, followed by a 9:31 third mile and finished it off with a mile and a half cool down at 10:40 pace.
First run (including competitions) with a sub 10:00 mile pace.....YOO HOO!

Mile Splits:
  1. 10:14
  2. 9:42
  3. 9:31
  4. 10:40
Total Distance: 4.45 Miles; Time 43:36; Pace (9:48); Average HR 152 (85.9%)