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Monday, October 24, 2011

After a month of running

Been working some jogging into the exercise program. Started off by doing 8 minute intervals, seven minutes of walking followed by 1 minute of jogging. The next workout I would reduce walking to six minutes followed by 1 minute of jogging. Eventually got it down to two minutes walking to 1 minute jogging. I'm reaching my HR max at about the same 1 minute of jogging, but am able to recover to normal HR much quicker.

Weight loss has slowed down considerably. Still losing 1/2 pound to a pound a week, but nothing like the rapid weight loss that I was seeing during the early weeks. In my last post, I said I would be thrilled with a 12 minute per mile pace when I run my 5k. Well in my last test run of the 5k course, I managed an 11:35 pace, now I'm setting my sites on a sub 11 minute pace. During my 11:35 per mile 5k my heart rate averaged 150 and maxed at 163 compared to my first jog/run workout which peaked at 167 or 95%.

Yesterday, had my most intense training day. Rode my bike on the Western Reserve Greenway to meet up with a new running partner Jim. Ten miles out followed by a six mile run, followed by a ten mile ride back home. I was totally exhausted when I got home and ate and drank continuously from the time I got home around 3:30 till I went to bed.

Woke up this morning for the weekly weigh in and dropped almost 3 pounds for the week. I was hoping to lose 3 pounds a week so that by the end of first 13 weeks of the diet and exercise I would be down to 172 which would be normal weight by most BMI charts. Total of 12 weeks have gone by and I've dropped 27 pounds. Although a little short of my goal, I'm happy with the overall progress.

Day off of training today, followed by two final training days before resting up for the first 5k.