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Thursday, March 20, 2014

More good news

Today was my first visit with my primary care physician who had refused to cut my dose of statin drugs used to manage my cholesterol.    A visit with my cardiologist in January resulted in his recommendation that my statin usage be cut in half and to have my cholesterol levels rechecked in three months.

Well three months have passed and so did I,  the cholesterol test that is.   Total cholesterol dropped from 128 to a new low of 118.    Disappointedly my good HDL decreased slightly from 64 to 60, but my LDL dropped even more from 54 to 48.    Dr. Mikhail had to do a double take of the cholesterol numbers when I told him that Dr. Rimmerman agreed with my request to reduce my Lipitor dosage and my cholesterol numbers continued to approve.    I had been lobbying Dr. Mikhail to think about cutting my meds with me claiming that my improvement was a result of my diet and exercise program and him saying that it was attributable to the aggressive drug therapy.

Now, perhaps he is convert and will encourage other patients with coronary artery disease to consider lifesytle changes as the main course of treatment for their disease.

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