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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Exercise Program in Full Swing

Been on the Ornish Diet for three weeks now with pretty dramatic results. Weight at time of heart catheterization was 211 and at the start of this week is down to 200. Well on my way towards my goal of 39 pounds in 13 weeks..

My program calls for 5 hours and 10 minutes of exercise per week split into two heart rate zones. Zone 1 is low intensity walking at 60-70% of maximum heart rate(98-113 bpm). Zone 2 is moderate intensity of 70-80% MHR. Since my first goal is weight loss the program calls for 2 hours per week in zone 1 and 3 hours and 10 minutes in zone 2. Zone 3 80-90% of MHR is will come into play in phase 2 of my program.

Fell a little short in zone 1 work with only 53 minutes of my 120 minute goal, but came a little closer to zone 2 goal with 2 hours and 45 minutes being only 30 minutes shy of my goal. Zone 3 which isn't even part of this program accounted for more than half of my exercise time.

Overall thou, I'm pretty happy with the results. Six hours and 27 minutes of exercise with 3,194 calories burned on the week.

Weekly Summary

Time by Zone:
Zone 1... 53:36
Zone 2... 2:44:34
Zone 3...3:38:10

Miles Logged: 26.42

Weight: 196 -1.6 pounds this week.

This weeks goal: More zone 1 & 2; less zone 3.

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