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Monday, August 29, 2011

One Month Down

One month since the cathetrization and 3 full weeks of training. I need to focus more on the zone 1 work. Total time in zone 1 was only 44 minutes. On the plus side, I exceeded Zone 2 work by over 2 hours and cut my zone 3 work in half.

Splurged and laid out $20 for a couple of pieces of Alaskan Salmon, but to tell you the truth I might just like our Lake Erie Walleye more.

I was a little disappointed with last weeks weight loss total of 1.6 pounds so I wanted to step up the workouts a little bit. I added 3 cycling workouts to the daily walks.

Weekly Summary:

Total Exercise Time: 8 hours 15 minues
Zone 1:....0:43:49
Zone 2:....5:17:57
Zone 3:...1:28:44

Total Miles Logged: 43.87
Calories Burned: 4,183
Weight Lossed: 2.8 pounds (193.2)

Next weeks goal: Improve Zone 1 work.

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